8 exercises to prepare you for your ski holiday

When preparing for a skiing holiday you choose a resort, book hotels, and ensure you have all the correct gear. Yet many people forget to prepare their bodies for the amount of physical exercise required when hitting the slopes.

Skiing can be quite an intense workout, to reduce the likelihood of injury it’s a good idea to spend a few weeks working on your fitness. Here are some exercises to get you started.


Once you’re comfortable running on flat terrain, start to add hills in to your run. Running uphill regularly and at speed will help not only improve your stamina but also your posture and balance.

Although this may seem like quite an obvious one, running is essential to preparing for a week on the slopes.


Squats are great for improving leg strength so you’ll feel the burn a little less after a few intense days of skiing. Plus, they will help you when it comes to the basic skiing position and will also reduce your chance of knee injury.

To begin with, try doing squat holds, to ensure you get the correct posture. You should have your legs hip distance apart, keep your back nice and straight and when bending, your knees should remain behind your toes to protect them.

Once you’ve mastered squats, try doing squat jumps to further strengthen your muscles and to practice for ski jumps.


Lunges are another exercise that are great for working on your quadriceps, the muscle group you’ll use most during your holiday.

As with squats, your knee should remain straight and not go beyond your toes to ensure maximum protection.

Once you’ve mastered lunges you can try side lunges to work on your hamstrings and glutes.

Calf Raises

As your knees will be bent, you’ll be relying on your calves a lot more than usual to help keep you upright. Calf raises are perfect for strengthening your calves and preparing them for the intense strain they’ll come under.

Sit Ups

Although legs are the body part most used during skiing, it’s important not to neglect other areas. Because of the position that you hold yourself in whilst skiing, your back and core will be working overtime.  it’s important to condition your whole core to avoid any injuries to your spine.

Sit-ups are a great start for initial core strength before you move on to other exercises such as bicycle crunches, V-ups, and Russian twists.

Heel to Toe Walk

A heel to toe walk may seem easy at first, but it requires a lot of balance. That’s what makes this exercise so perfect for skiing. When wearing skis and flying down the slope, you’ll need to keep your balance to stay upright and keep on the right path, so working on your balance is vital.

Step Ups

Step ups are a great way of improving your overall fitness as they get your heart going, but they’re also handy for working on balance.

Start of slowly, placing one leg up on to the step and following with the other before stepping back down. As you get used to the movement increase your speed to a comfortable level for an increased workout.

Press Ups

Press ups are a good all-round exercise for working multiple muscle groups. Your back, abs, legs, and arms will all have to work together to complete the movement.

Press ups will also build up strength in your wrists, which is essential when skiing. Your wrists can come under a lot of strain if you fall over and put your hands out to catch yourself, so you shouldn’t neglect them.


Spend a few weeks conditioning your body with these exercises and you can pack your bags with the assurance that you’re prepared for your holiday in every way.

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