Saami Quality - how we ensure our clothing won't let you down

We are only as good as our last product

The most intense and exciting period in Saami is when we develop new products. Although we know our clothing is high quality there is no better test than trying to sell it on the open market.

We are impatiently excited to see what you guys think after buying our clothing. We stake our reputation on the quality of our product. Saami is more than just a name.

Responsible Sourcing

We have strong relationships with our manufacturers. We work well together to develop our products to the highest standards and we insist those high standards are reflected in the ethical treatment of workers, who must be treated fairly and paid fairly.

Based on the International Labour Organisation standards we use a framework from the Ethical Trade Initiative which can be found at this website. We have auditors in the countries we manufacture in, who make planned and surprise visits to ensure we are seeing a true reflection of the work place.

Checking before we
send to you

We have several quality control checks during production however we don't stop there. Just before lovingly packing your order ready to send, we check it again. Someone in a sharp suit may call this a waste of time, we call it pride. We would rather invest in double checking than send you a substandard product. We are not willing to risk the chance you don't notice the issue and discover it on the mountain, which goes against the entire reason Saami exists. If we ever do send you something that is not to our quality standard we will rectify the issue immediately (with a slightly embarrassed face on us).


Our testing team are a group of experienced skiers, boarders and instructors. We love getting their feedback, which always leads to ideas for improvement and ultimately enhanced clothing. We have made sure our specifications are high enough to ensure you stay warm and dry throughout your skiing or boarding experience. We are serious about making sure our clothing does what it says on the tin and we will redesign, and test as many times as we need to get it right.

Constant improvement

We will never just keep our range the same. Every season we will be looking for new ideas, new designs and ways to make our clothing better. Any feedback you give us will be used in the best way possible and Saami winter clothing will continually improve.