How to use the summer to prepare yourself for ski season

There’s nothing worse than hitting the slopes and being unprepared for your upcoming ski holiday. Every skier has felt the brief moment of panic at the thought of winter, with a summer spent lounging on beaches, sitting in beer gardens and wearing T-shirts, you wonder if all ski technique will have been forgotten.

In your panic, you may think it’s back to square one. Fear not, if you’re looking to get back in shape and regain your confidence in time for your holiday then there’s plenty of time to get ready for your next trip.

Here are some top tips for prepping for ski season:

Make sure you’ve got the right clothing and equipment

If you’re a seasoned skier now’s the time to get everything out of storage and check it over. This includes your clothing as well as your board or skis. Double check for any missing gloves, cracks in goggles or tears in clothing. It’s better to find out before you go so that you can find a bargain replacement.

If you’re a new skier then you’ll need to get prepared. You will want a decent jacket for the cold climate, plus some ski boots, gloves, a hat and a pair of salopettes. Skiing or snowboarding does require quite a lot of equipment. However, if it’s your first time skiing or snowboarding then it’s a good idea to check with your resort about renting equipment before forking out on equipment to find you hate skiing.

prepare for skiing

Get your skis or board serviced

For those of you with your own skis or snowboard, you should think about getting them serviced before your trip. This could be anything from a good wax to patching up any chips from last season.

You can wax your skis or snowboard yourself or you can take it in for a service. A service isn’t usually too expensive and that way you’ll know it’s all been done properly. Of course, any rented equipment will already be serviced before you go to collect it.

Grab your lift passes

Don’t wait until you get to the resort to get your lift passes! You can usually get a discount before the season officially starts and if you miss the early bird prices then it’s still worth looking as ski resorts still tend to offer a bit of a discount for buying online.

Make sure you’re ski-fit

Skiing and snowboarding can take a lot out of you, despite what many may think. Although you appear to be gliding easily downhill, throughout your holiday your muscles will be working hard.  If you haven’t been exercising regularly since last season then it’s worth spending some time getting your fitness levels back up to speed so that you can fully enjoy your trip. Focus on exercises such as running, squats, lunges and some yoga for balance.


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