Your experience on the mountain is extremely important to us and that includes the performance of our Ski Wear. We take pride in our products and our clothing range has been thought about at length by people who know what it takes to stay warm and dry when the mountain decides to throw the harshest conditions at you.

We have stress tested our products and tried to cover every reasonable eventuality for defects. Our returns policy covers any problems you find upon receiving our garment (we hope you never have to experience this), however our Guarantee is in place to protect you against manufacturing defects. Ensuring you are a satisfied customer is just not good enough for us. Our aim is to make you so happy with Saami that you can’t help but tell other people about your new found joy!

Your opinion of Saami Snow is important to us. Our reputation is based on the quality of our product and as a company we are committed to ensuring you have a high opinion of us. So, it’s “money where your mouth is” time. To back up our commitment, Saami Snow products are guaranteed for 1 year against defects in materials and workmanship.

For clarity we have listed below the types of situations you may find with you clothing and the appropriate action:

A defect found upon receipt of the goods – Covered by the returns policy above

We have this covered by our returns policy. If there is a manufacturing defect we will refund or replace immediately. No arguing and lots of apologies / eating humble pie from us to you! Please follow our returns process keenly to ensure prompt refund or replacement.

A manufacturing defect within a year – Covered by our Guarantee

Although we hope never to have this embarrassing situation we will of course refund, repair or replace your Saami garment if we can see a manufacturing defect upon receipt of the returned item. Manufacturing problems are obvious due to the location and the nature of the defect. Your feedback is extremely valuable to us as we will try everything in our power to learn from your kind complaint and make sure we do not make the same mistake twice. Please follow our returns process, however note clearly this is a guarantee return outside the returns policy time period so we know.

Damage caused by accident – Not covered by Saami, however may be by your holiday insurance

Our clothing is strong and durable, however sometimes the rough and tumble nature of skiing or boarding can rip through even the strongest of stitching and materials. It is easy to spot the difference between a manufacturing defect and accidental ripping or tearing by looking at the stress around the damage. We do not cover this type of damage through our Saami Guarantee. Some of the reasons may be (not an exclusive list):

  • Serious wipe-outs (crashing)
  • Cutting / abrasion by skis or board edges
  • Ripped by rocks or trees
  • Spills or stains caused by powerful colours
  • Apres ski wrestling or crazy dance falling over (funny to watch, however can damage clothing)
  • Stretching caused by poor fitting choice (use our size guides to avoid this)
  • Any other impact, scrape, cut, rip, tear or burn

We seriously hope none of the above happens to you, as most of them come along with an injury that can mean the end of your season. The above accidents are unfortunate and have all been personally experienced by the Saami team, however we unfortunately cannot repair or provide replacements in these circumstances.

We are of course happy to discuss any of the definitions above and If you need to contact us about a product or just want to chat with someone to get some advice please send an email to and we will respond to you as a matter of urgency.