A cheat’s guide to looking like a pro whilst skiing

If you’re new to skiing but want to avoid some common first-timer mistakes we’ve got a few tips to help you look like a seasoned skier when you arrive on the slopes.

Skiing like a pro

Mind the gap between your goggles and helmet

Nobody wants the awkward tan line that can be seen adorning foreheads of unfortunate skiers.

Whilst tan lines in one way or another are inevitable, you can avoid the forehead strip by making sure you bring your helmet down properly so it covers the top of your forehead and meets the edge of your ski goggles.

Untuck your trousers

Untucking your trousers may seem basic, but it’s a mistake that people often make when they’re eager to get going. Make sure your ski trousers come all the way over and down your ski boots. This will stop snow from getting in the top of your boots and keep your feet warm and dry.

Carry skis over the shoulder

Rather than awkwardly holding your skis together and tiring your arms out, hold your skis so that they rest over your shoulders instead.

Always ensure that your bindings are fixed together so your skis don’t fly apart.

If going off piste, always carry your skis

If you’re going off piste, don’t try and walk up like you would moving up a regular slope.

The snow is likely to be deeper and harder to maneuver. Take your skis off for ease of movement to avoid achy legs and take careful steps with each movement to check that the depth of the snow.

Practice attaching skis or snowboards to your backpack before you head up the slopes

Sometimes attaching your skis or snowboard to your bag needs to be done during your holiday.

To avoid a “all the gear and no idea” scenario and holding up the rest of your group, practice attaching your skis or snowboard to your bag before you head off.

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