Buyers Guide

Saami Buyers Guide – everything you need to know about ski clothing

With professional Ski Instructors and skiing enthusiasts on the Team at Saami Snow we know it is important to stay warm and dry whilst enjoying your time on the slopes. Our primary concern is that you enjoy the sport as much as we do. We have therefore developed the following guides to help you through the purchasing decision making process.
Whether you buy from us or not, take this guide with you and make sure you know your stuff before buying! Open or close the below panels for more info or click here to print all the guides.


A person can lose approximately 25% of their heat through the head. When out on the slopes on a cold day it is important to retain this heat… Read more

Ski Jackets

The Ski Jacket is your outer shell that protects you when you ski. It is essential to choose the correct ski jacket to ensure you remain warm and dry whilst… Read more

Fleece and Midlayers

This layer sits above the base layer and under the outer layer and is designed to pass moisture through from the base layer and keep you warm. Read more

Trouser / Salopettes

Most people at some point will fall over (if we’re honest, we all do).The  most important things to look for when purchasing Ski Trousers are durability… Read more

Waterproofing, Breathability and Windproofing

With a professional Ski Instructor and skiing enthusiasts on the Team at Saami Snow we know it is important… Read more

Scarves and Neck Warmers

A scarf and neck warmer are thin strips of material that provide instant warmth to the neck and prevent snow or cold from entering the top of the jacket. Read more


This is probably the one area where people underestimate the importance of a good pair of gloves. Your fingertips, feet and head are at the extremities… Read more

Thermals and Baselayers

The Thermal and Baselayer is the layer that sits directly next to your skin. It can comprise of a top and/or leggings. A common mistake is to… Read more


You may ask why you need special socks. If you have ever done any sport whilst wearing normal everyday socks you will  know that if the socks… Read more