The meaning of Saami

Our mission is to keep you warm and dry on the mountain with our high performance clothing, so you can stay out longer. Our brand is inspired by a Nordic people called Saami. Ancient painted skin drum covers suggest they are the first ever people to use skiing as a method of transport. The Saami people herd reindeer (sometimes on skis) and as a result they have learned the best ways to dress to combat the most severe weather conditions.

Our priority is you

This season we are excited to be selling our debut Kemi high performance men's ski jacket, click here to find out why. The customer's experience with our jacket and our service is our number one priority. We questioned every aspect of ski jacket design, to make sure we created the best possible product. We still want to learn if there is anything that can be improved upon and we encourage feedback. We'll even reward you for letting us know your thoughts, click here to find out more.

Even if you do not want to buy from us please read our free ski clothing buying guide which gives you all the information you need to choose the right kind of clothing to stay comfortable on the mountain.

We are obsessed with skiing and boarding

We only have current or ex ski instructors on our Saami product testing team, which means when we test, we know what we are talking about. We want you to enjoy every mountain, every time, and we work tirelessly to ensure we design and create high performance quality winter clothing that keeps you warm and dry, even in harsh conditions.

Buy direct, online

We are an online only retailer that sells winter clothing for skiers and boarders and people that simply want stylish, warm, weather proof gear. The advantage of being online is we cut out the middle men and the saving goes straight to you, our customer. If you would like our new jacket you can purchase one from us here.

Skiing and boarding is in our blood. We love the thrill and can't think of anything better than hitting the mountain, riding the 1st til the last lift!