Saami Snow …. more about us…

We are very dedicated to providing ski clothing of the highest quality. Our mission is clear: That moment when you just feel fed up, cold, wet or both and want to go home. That feeling is our arch enemy. 

Saami is dedicated to changing as many “I’m going home” moments into “Yeah, let’s enjoy it a bit longer”.

That’s it. Plain and simple, our reason for existence. Our company is founded by Ski instructors and passionate skiers. We know what we are talking about!

How is it possible to be such good value?

By working with our factories directly. Cutting out the middlemen, agents and wholesalers we can bring you excellent high quality with huge savings compared to the equivalent spec jackets from our competitors.

Saami is an online merchant only, we don`t have the overheads that our high street counterparts must contend with. These savings are then passed on directly to the consumer who is able to enjoy high quality items at affordable prices. We are extremely customer driven which is why we offer a full money back guarantee on all our products if customers are not completely satisfied with their purchases.